What is SiteRubix? Comprehensive Review of this Free Website Builder

I did extensive online research about SiteRubix. According to initial information, SiteRubix is a free website builder that also provides free domains and hosting through a company known as Wealthy Affiliate. Users must pay a Fee of $49 monthly to earn all benefits from this provider. An additional perk includes free membership with https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com, a platform that educates people on how to launch an online enterprise.

Purpose of the Website

SiteRubix was not meant to be just another website builder or hosting provider. The creators wanted to provide customers with more value which offers an online training course in marketing as well as membership at absolutely no cost at all. There are some requirements if you wish to create your own site, get it running, and market.

• Domain
• Hosting Company
• Training as well as support for building and marketing
As one of the best website builders, SiteRubix provides all these services without charge. It is open to novice and experienced entrepreneurs. The platform caters more to business-minded individuals looking at launching a web-based enterprise and startups requiring online presence to strengthen their business ventures. It promises to provide the tools and training program in creating a professional and optimized portal. SEO is needed for higher rankings in search engines like Google.

Making a Choice

There are hundreds and even thousands of website developers as well as hosting providers that you can find in the Internet. SiteRubix was not one of them. Of course, a smart business owner will look for a company with experience, prestige, and excellent track record.  Some people advise the best option is to get a drag and drop website builder. I believe it was a good choice particularly for those who are not familiar with the industry. Besides, it was an inexpensive alternative.

Most of the time, the hype was not worth it for there were many complaints of website builders who made numerous promises at very cheap prices. Some of these supposed remarkable features included anti-spamming apps, security, support system, and anti-hacking capabilities. Many of these uninformed consumers ended up paying hidden fees or more than what they got in return.

A few friends mentioned the name of SiteRubix which they described as one reputable website builder software. I found out the site was launched more than 10 years ago (2007) as a simple static site builder. Nonetheless, some reports and testimonials revealed the site improved each year. It is based on WordPress and makes use of wizard software or assistant that simplifies website installation. SiteRubix also installs significant plugins for site management.

Primary Features

I learned that SiteRubix provides the following to users:

1. Premium hosting for 25 websites
2. Comprehensive analytics
3. 3,000 templates
4. Wide selection of mobile-friendly themes
5. Full website management and support (24/7)
6. Secured sites
7. Bandwidth is supposedly unlimited
8. Website Health Monitor

However, I wish to focus more on its claim of offering a “powerful system” and “potent web hosting.”

If you get SiteRubix as a website builder, you are entitled to the hosting service of Wealthy Affiliate. At the same time, it assures you of protection against potential hackers, spam, and malware. It could be the only platform offering training in affiliate marketing and monetization techniques. You just need to forward a support ticket if problems in building your site arise. A technical team will respond to your concern promptly.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is similar to a web development class with online chat system that answers any questions that you may raise. Users can chat privately with the owner for any business concerns or with their fellow entrepreneurs.

How to Join?

You have two ways to sign up. One is through the free version and the other is the paid or premium edition. The first has certain constraints like users cannot use their domains and few choices for website themes. In other words, the best alternative is to enroll in a premium membership particularly if it is your business at stake. With the paid account, you are entitled to unlimited installation, numerous themes, and domain name without any hidden fees.

The website builder enables you to produce hundreds of web pages without any difficulty.

1. Navigate to Attributes. Update the details such as name of your site, title, and description.
2. Change the image size using the slider feature. You may go for a smaller or larger image with the computer mouse.
3. SiteRubix resizes the image automatically so it matches that of the layout.
4. Click Preview to review your website before going live.
5. Add an affiliate link to receive a commission if anybody joins through your website.
6. Include borders or margins in your layouts for easier reading of your web pages.
7. You can find navigation menus for every page. Make use of the drag and drop website builder technology in organizing the menus and making them more clear-cut.
8. It is possible to include video clips, images, text, and screenshots with SiteRubix. The auto page feature saves the page that you are working on every minute so nothing gets lost in case of glitches or power failure.
9. You can export all files to your computer with a single click. Hence, you can edit the pages at any given time even if there is no Internet connection.


The site runs on WordPress.org and not WordPress.com. Notice the distinction. With the first option, you can do almost anything with your website like placing advertisements and affiliate links on those ads. Developers can change the codes which is not possible with WordPress.com. SiteRubix requires hosting which is mandatory for WordPress.org sites. This is the advantage of SiteRubix sites because hosting is done at Wealthy Affiliate.

One advantage of WordPress is its consistent coding system which is not filled with too many HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) codes, making it easier for search engine indexing. SiteRubix provides the proper guidance for website setup so you may optimize all posts for SEO purposes.

WordPress websites of SiteRubix are capable of registering with Google within minutes. Some of these sites were able to rank after a few days of posting content. On the other hand, some builders do not have any planned system of instruction in building organic traffic. Ironically, it is the most vital factor in creating a web-based enterprise or driving traffic to your landing page or sales campaigns.

One Disadvantage

There is one drawback with SiteRubix as a website builder. Your domain will get a siterubix.com extension rather than the normal.com extension if you purchase an exclusive domain. One example is: yourwebsite.siterubix.com as against yourwebsite.com. It does not really look high-quality because it’s free! The upside is you can transfer the SiteRubix website to your own domain later. Transfer all the content within a few minutes to avoid repeating the entire content process.

Type of Website

The kind of site to build is your prerogative. Your motivation should be the possibility of earning passive income through affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate provides all the necessary tools. However, do not forget the aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you select a free website builder.

Type “What is the best free website builder” on the search page of Google. You obtain reviews of different site builders along with paid ads. Make sure SEO is incorporated since you are dealing with rankings on primary search engines which affect traffic. If possible, do not work with a drag and drop website builder that will only make it hard for your site to be recognized by Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Some site creators have been saddled with complaints from clients whose websites fail to register with these search engines. With other providers, you have to wait for several months before your site gets into the rankings. You will certainly not want this to happen whether it’s a free or paid service.

Free SiteRubix versus WordPress

One thing that sets part SiteRubix from WordPress is “Quality Training” in creating websites in such a way that these will attract large volume of traffic. SiteRubix supplies detailed training for setting up, optimizing, and managing the Content Management System of WordPress. Aside from this incentive, you learn certain skills in running WordPress and secure an easy, controllable platform in changing the appearance of your website. It comes in handy if you want to convert your personal site into a business portal.

Aside from being one of the best website builders, SiteRubix trains novice website builders in the field of Internet and affiliate marketing; niche development; content writing; blogging; and SEO. Wealthy Affiliate offers 10 free training courses for the following: 

• Getting the website to run
• Indexing the site to Google
• Develop a method for organization, control, and building the site step by step. 

Take a look at these statistics: Two years ago, around 25% of the first 10 million sites worldwide already use WordPress. There could be more this year. These business people invested a fortune in terms of technology and resources. Handling the WordPress website functions is like sending an email but you need to customize your site through the HTML code and CSS. If you use the website builder of SiteRubix, the platform is user-friendly, fast, and loaded with helpful implements. On top of these benefits, you have support of the community as well as free modules. It is an advantage for ranking and traffic generation.

Finding Domain Names

These are the steps in setting up a free domain name from SiteRubix.com: 

• Come up with a domain name. Ideally, the name is associated with your website’s topic although it is not really compulsory.
• To determine if the preferred name is available, type that name on the search box at the bottom of the web page. If it is, the word “Available” will appear in green fonts on top of the “Build it now” key. Otherwise, you will see the word “Taken” in red which means you should come up with another domain name until it is deemed acceptable.
• Verify the name another time at SiteRubix.com. Click the blue “A” Build my free Website” before moving on.
• Review the final settings before creating the website. If it is a free website, this will be chosen for you. The domain name will be entered in E at the Choose your domain name box. Otherwise, choose it and re-enter the domain name now.
• Name the website. Type this name in F. Enter a name for your site (box) which can be modified in the future. Avoid wasting time in thinking about a picture perfect name. The website’s name is typically the domain name without siterubix.com. It should come with the proper punctuation marks and capitalization.
• Last but not least proceed to A Look for your website. This is when you have to select a theme which may be replaced at a later date. Click the available options (G) which seems appropriate for now. 

Website Health Monitor

Earlier, I mentioned the feature called Website Health Monitor of this free website builder. Let me start with the need for growing website traffic. This one of the main reasons why the SiteRubix team of developers formulated this health monitor concept. This tool aims at analyzing your website and notifying users about the areas required to enhance the site’s performance.

The health monitor will advise the user who publishes regular content on the site but fails to obtain additional traffic due to failure in specific areas. For instance, you can leverage the feature (Site Comments) at SiteRubix to improve the aspect of Search Engine Optimization. More comments translate to additional engagement because of interaction. Google observes this carefully and it will surely help boost your rankings.

You must reduce plugin usage to accelerate and optimize load speed. Google imposes penalties on websites that take plenty of time in loading. See to it that you solicit feedback from the community regarding possible areas for improvement. Comments can range from themes to footers and logos for as long as the remarks help augment the movement of visitors. If visitors remain longer in your website, it means they enjoy your site and read the contents. Furthermore, you can expect less rate of bounce back if visitors spend time on your site.

This approach is valuable for Internet marketing practitioners which even some of the best website builders do not have. It makes SiteRubix stand out from the competition. As an added bonus, this provider updates its training modules continuously and introduced video training sessions for website building free of charge.

SiteRubix Unique Position

SiteRubix is a boon for beginners. It takes away all the technical elements from site building and hosting. There are many platforms that utilize effective but too technical tools such as cPanel access. Said technologies make website building efficient but relatively complicated for inexperienced individuals. It will take a lot of live chats and phone inquiries before you can decipher the system and move forward. It is not the case with this free website builder given that SiteRubix made it very straightforward for new learners.

The system is suitable for apprentices who wish to launch an affiliate niche website or affiliate marketing. It comes along with just one click of the button if you intend to move a step higher from the free to paid edition. The website is moved and redirected completely to your purchased domain name. You are spared of the complicated technical functions.

SiteRubix Costs

You do not spend a single dollar in installing a sub-domain on the SiteRubix hosting platform. The free package is pre-installed with useful plugins for security and optimization.

Free package faqs:

• Proprietary sub-domain remains the property of SiteRubix unless you choose to build on a paid domain.
• You get two free websites but SiteRubix does not provide an email address for your site.
• You are not given any access to FTP or File Transfer Protocol if you must transfer files from your PC to the server.
• Register your site on the custom domain by registering a name at site Domain. 

Final Words

I wish to share these points with readers. There is nothing wrong if a service provider offers free trials provided the service lives up to its claims the trail works for users. For web hosting and building, you can always look forward to advancement to premium accounts from the free website builder. Nonetheless, the free account provides more than what you need in terms of tools and education.

In fact, many people are contented with the free version of SiteRubix since it ensures more advantages than the premium membership. There are no hidden charges which are present in some providers. I believe SiteRubix will be a good pick instead of other platforms. It is fair enough that I recommend the site to colleagues and relatives. So far, I have not seen or heard major comments against the website.