I just want to say Thank You to the WA creators and community! To be honest, it has been a real life saver… After having worked for Ad agencies for a number of years, I realized that I was only making someone else richer, and myself poorer. By boss was enjoying his yacht adventures every weekend, and I was working my butt off for entry level pay. I was not prepared to spend the rest of my life this way. I joined WA and saw that the training made a lot of sense. I created a niche website following the training videos and virtual classrooms at WA. I worked on my niche site for about 4 months, fully trusting that it would work, even though I was not getting any traffic for what felt like ages. But having the support of the WA community helped, as they made me realize that this is a marathon, not a sprint. After about the 5 month mark, my visitor count took off and I was making daily sales. I have since created another niche site, fully knowing that it would work due to following WA’s up-to-date training. When I was about 6 months into the creation of the website, everything was moving along as expected, although the sales were still pretty low. At this point, I happened to go to a WordPress meetup in my area, and spoke with an experienced web designer who had already tried affiliate marketing and failed. I told him that my goal within the next couple of months was to make $500/month as an Amazon affiliate. He smirked and told me this was a pretty “lofty” goal. I secretly knew that it would work because I had received the proper training. As expected, a couple of months later, I was making $500/month in passive income. Since then, my niche site has been growing and generating more income – enough that I will never work for anyone else again. Thanks for everything WA! And I will always be a member!