I have been in WA since Dec 2016 but I have been procrastinating for several months before I actually really took action this year. There were tons of online courses, community, and platform out there which has caused much distraction. In the end, I had found my clarity and purpose and determined to focus on WA platform to build my business. Wealthy Affiliate is a place where same minded people gather together, sharing the same goals in helping each other to succeed. I have attended lots of paid courses that cost thousands of dollars just for 3 days course, most were more of fine tuning your mindset and teaching you the basic foundation. What attracts me to WA is how the learning course has been well sorted out, easy for beginners, as well as the whole integrated platform for people to be able to start an online business right away. Folks here are really helpful and willing to give professional advice, which is very valuable. Most important WA made it affordable to people who are unable to pay for a huge amount of cost to join the community. You won’t see any kinds of upsell of additional marketing strategy, software or tools from Kyle, Carson or WA, which is very common for other courses. WA has inspired me a lot and it gives me clarity and understanding on the law of attraction. By continuously giving and helping people/community to be successful in their business, it creates a sense of fulfillment, a meaning in life, and purpose. For me, I will stay on WA for as long as WA is around.