How does it all work?

Now you may be thinking to yourself, what’s the catch? Is there a huge buy-in required to use their services, or are they ineffective unless you pay? While they do have a premium monthly package, their starter package is free and still works!

Wealthy Affiliate actually teaches you how to be successful through online learning modules and community discussions. Once you create your account (free or premium) you’ll have access to their online learning platform, which covers :

  1. How to make money online
  2. Choosing your niche and creating your website
  3. Configuring your website to rank in search engines
  4. Creating your initial web content and menus
  5. Understanding keywords and how they tie into your content
  6. And 1,000 + more topics and classrooms (Premium members only)

After you’ve set up your site and have reviewed all the informative modules, it’s time to put the website and your knowledge to work. You’ll be combining your new knowledge, website and tools to market your products and earn money.

As a standard and/or premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have access to several tools that make your journey loads easier. These tools include their training platform and community, their website builder platform which includes an SSL certificate (they use SiteRubix), Jaaxy to complete your keyword research, along with a premium or free domain registration and reliable hosting.