What the free membership includes & 7 day premium trial

When you sign up for your free membership you’ll also activate your 7-day premium trial. This will make some of the premium features available for use during your 1st 7 days with Wealthy Affiliate. Enjoy sampling some of their higher-end tools whilst you get familiar with their platform.

The free membership doesn’t skimp on tools and information, and you’ll still be able to make money if you don’t pay for their premium package. This free membership includes:

  • Beginner Friendly Training Courses- Online Entrepreneur Certification (Level 1).
    These free online lessons walk you through the basics like building your websites and online assets. You’ll be completing tasks in every lesson which helps you establish a foundation to build off of.
  • Two Free Websites
    Along with beginner friendly lessons, you’ll also be equipped with SiteRubix. Wealthy Affiliate has integrated their platform onto their site, so creating your own website (or 2) can be done in seconds without having to open another tab. Whether you upgrade to their premium package or not, the websites will always be yours.
  • Jaaxy
    When you’re trying to market a website online you need to pay attention to keywords, and Wealthy Affiliate has integrated Jaaxy on their platform for all your keyword research needs. You’ll be able to evaluate the monthly traffic of keywords by searching for phrases related to your niche (includes 30 searches), and devise a strategy for ranking better in Google.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (Phase 1)
    If you can’t decide on a niche market there’s no need to worry. Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program where you can choose from pre-selected niches and market related products. This feature can be utilized as a free or premium member and you’ll earn a small commision from each sale.
  • Live Chat Access (apart of your 7-day trial)
    Wealthy Affiliate likes to promote some of it’s premium tools during your 1st week as a free member, and live chat is one of those features. You’ll be able to join in group discussions with other Wealthy Affiliate members, and bounce ideas and questions throughout the community.
  • 1on1 Coaching (apart of your 7-day trial)
    Like the live chat, Wealthy Affiliates 1-on-1 coaching is a premium feature you get to sample in your 7-day trial. This feature gives you access to pick the brains of top experts in the field through private messaging.