Official Wealthy Affiliate Review. A complete and Indepth Overview. See if Wealthy Affiliate University is right for you.

The Introduction

If you're reading this, chances are you're looking for a work from home opportunity or you've already heard about Wealthy Affiliate and are seeking more information. I'd like to take this opportunity to outline what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it could benefit you.

To start things off, let's explain what Wealthy Affiliate is and who the service is for.

What is it

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing company that helps interested entrepreneurs start their own online businesses. They cater to beginners, college students, seniors and really just about anyone. Wealthy Affiliate helps you identify an interest or "niche market", build your website, recruit visitors and make money.

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Who is it for

People interested in work from home and business opportunities, entrepreneurs and so on...Here are some sites I found might help

How does it all work?

Now you may be thinking to yourself, what's the catch? Is there a huge buy-in required to use their services, or are they ineffective unless you pay? While they do have a premium monthly package, their starter package is free and still works!

Wealthy Affiliate actually teaches you how to be successful through online learning modules and community discussions. Once you create your account (free or premium) you'll have access to their online learning platform, which covers :

  1. How to make money online
  2. Choosing your niche and creating your website
  3. Configuring your website to rank in search engines
  4. Creating your initial web content and menus
  5. Understanding keywords and how they tie into your content
  6. And 1,000 + more topics and classrooms (Premium members only)

After you've set up your site and have reviewed all the informative modules, it's time to put the website and your knowledge to work. You'll be combining your new knowledge, website and tools to market your products and earn money.

As a standard and/or premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you'll have access to several tools that make your journey loads easier. These tools include their training platform and community, their website builder platform which includes an SSL certificate (they use SiteRubix), Jaaxy to complete your keyword research, along with a premium or free domain registration and reliable hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

WA Education

It's Simple, Our Training Works.

The Education at Wealthy Affiliate isn't just simple, it's better in every single way. From the moment that you join you are going to be walked through our state of the art, stepbystep training platform.

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The Most Powerful Website Platform in the World.

Every successful business starts with a solid foundation, a website. Create and grow your business with the SiteRubix website platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Jaaxy is Now the Official Keyword Tool of Wealthy Affiliate!

We have a MAJOR announcement today, perhaps our biggest one to date here at Wealthy Affiliate. When we told you that we had exciting stuff on the way, we were not kidding.

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A Domain Experience Has Never Been This Seamless. Period.

Websites, domains, and the management of your websites is fully integrated within the SiteRubix platform. When the interception of technology like this happens it allows for many unique...

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Wordpress Hosting

It's Brilliantly Powerful, Intricately Secure.

Hosting your Wordpress websites has never been a more secure, yet powerful. The brains behind any successful hosting platform is the intricate technical process...

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What the free membership includes & 7 day premium trial

When you sign up for your free membership you'll also activate your 7-day premium trial. This will make some of the premium features available for use during your 1st 7 days with Wealthy Affiliate. Enjoy sampling some of their higher-end tools whilst you get familiar with their platform.

The free membership doesn't skimp on tools and information, and you'll still be able to make money if you don't pay for their premium package. This free membership includes:

  • Beginner Friendly Training Courses- Online Entrepreneur Certification (Level 1).
    These free online lessons walk you through the basics like building your websites and online assets. You'll be completing tasks in every lesson which helps you establish a foundation to build off of.
  • Two Free Websites
    Along with beginner friendly lessons, you'll also be equipped with SiteRubix. Wealthy Affiliate has integrated their platform onto their site, so creating your own website (or 2) can be done in seconds without having to open another tab. Whether you upgrade to their premium package or not, the websites will always be yours.
  • Jaaxy
    When you're trying to market a website online you need to pay attention to keywords, and Wealthy Affiliate has integrated Jaaxy on their platform for all your keyword research needs. You'll be able to evaluate the monthly traffic of keywords by searching for phrases related to your niche (includes 30 searches), and devise a strategy for ranking better in Google.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (Phase 1)
    If you can't decide on a niche market there's no need to worry. Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program where you can choose from pre-selected niches and market related products. This feature can be utilized as a free or premium member and you'll earn a small commision from each sale.
  • Live Chat Access (apart of your 7-day trial)
    Wealthy Affiliate likes to promote some of it's premium tools during your 1st week as a free member, and live chat is one of those features. You'll be able to join in group discussions with other Wealthy Affiliate members, and bounce ideas and questions throughout the community.
  • 1on1 Coaching (apart of your 7-day trial)
    Like the live chat, Wealthy Affiliates 1-on-1 coaching is a premium feature you get to sample in your 7-day trial. This feature gives you access to pick the brains of top experts in the field through private messaging.

Why is it Free?

Most businesses charge a fee for using their services, but Wealthy Affiliate isn't most businesses.

If you've read up to this point then you would know that Wealthy Affiliate isn't a get rich quick scheme, and they won't be running your business for you. Instead they serve as a resource and provide you with the information and "know-how" for running a successful online business. This company and community takes an interest in your success, not your wallet.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders

Wealthy Affiliate isn't a corporate-run entity. In fact, owners Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun make it a point to remain the face of their business.

Carson grew up with two loving parents who worked in education, and their drive to educate and explain was clearly passed down the family tree. Kyle entered college aiming to earn a degree in computer science, but was later swayed by his love for business marketing. This dynamic duo joined forces in 2005 to create Wealthy Affiliate, an online platform where people can interact and learn how to create and market their online businesses.

Both Carson and Kyle have a passion for helping others, and strive to help everyone and anyone who is serious about building an online business through their educational system.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

One of the best ways to learn as you go is through the Wealthy Affiliate community. Their online community is chalk full of people, classrooms and information that can support you along the way. Being that the Wealthy Affiliate website is active 24/7 you'll always have access to the support you need to run your online business; regardless of your location in the world.

When you compare the Wealthy Affiliate community to other similar forums/platforms you'll quickly realize it's like comparing an apple to an orange. Their community forum has a simple and effective layout that's easy to use and is filled with encouraging individuals. You'll be able to see all posts in real time, and jump into conversations with other members.

Reviews and Testimonials

User: leoemery | Joined June, 2012

My story is a little different than other members simply because when I discovered the WA back in 2012 I'd already been making a fulltime income online, and doing so as of 2005.

But I'm sure glad I did find the WA.

First off this is a true community, everyone that I have encountered is looking to learn and to share what they know so everyone can reach their goals no matter what they are. I've personally made some great friendships as well as some very lucrative business connections.

But beyond that, from the additional information that I have learned through the WA's training and through other even more experienced members. The wealthy affiliate has helped me triple my income in the last year alone and I am on track to do it again this year.

And beyond all the tool, the training, resources, support and constant innovations and updates. No matter what your level of experience in the online world there is something for everyone in the WA.

As soon as you think you've learned everything or know everything about online marketing that's when you're going to get into trouble and see your business slide backwards.

I have zero intention of ever leaving the WA - simply because it provides me with the latest information of online marketing to keep scaling up my business each and every year and to stay ahead of my competition. And for the price of a yearly premium membership - that's a steal.

I believe in you


User: Missa3 | Joined March, 2015

I am recently disabled and was desperately looking for something not only to fill my time but something that I could feel accomplished in doing something productive in each day, and lastly something I could make money with while staying at home.

I also needed something that was extremely flexible because for me every day is different with the level and placement of my pain. Sometimes I can't follow my own thoughts, some days it hard to sit for a long time and a lot of times I have horrible insomnia.

I had tried out a few of the "work from home" scams out there and then became really critical of all of them because of the lack of money and integrity that some of these websites have. Then I came across Wealthy Affiliates.

I joined free just to take a closer look and before my free week was up I had made my decision to join. I was really amazed at everything they offer. From the training to the community involvement it was amazing. I won't go into all the details because so many of them have been posted by other commenter's here, but I and I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to create a website and generate income from home.


User: LynneHuy | Joined June, 2015

When I came across Wealthy Affiliate I was searching for a way to learn more about working online.

I started working online 4 years ago and had to learn everything on my own. For 4 years I have been trying to figure out everything on my own for the 2 websites I set up. It has been hard to figure out the correct way to go about things.

When you are new to working online it is not easy to figure out what is white hat and what is black hat. I made many mistakes with my websites but slowly built them up and ranked them.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate 3 months ago and I have been completely blown away by what is offered here. I saw immediately the value in this program. The training and support offered here is more than I could have dreamed of. I can see I won't be needing anything more than Wealthy Affiliate to run my online business.

Not just that, but I have built another 2 websites that are already ranking within the short space of 3 months. I have gained more avenues of earning income.

Wealthy Affiliate has completely changed my life in a few short months. I look forward to seeing what the future offers.


User: LizHennessy | Joined March 2016

Well, just got my notification from WA that I have been here for one year. What a year it has been!

The last 5 months has been profitable for me to the point I actually quit my part time job and am now pretty much full time online apart from a few private students which I actually want to hang onto because they get me away from my computer which I think is healthy. This has been really fantastic and I just love being my own boss.

But, I am far from being 'wealthy' from my website, and in some ways I actually feel this is just the beginning of much bigger things. For example, there are new websites I want to make in new niches, as well as my own products that are information based that I want to create. I am in the process of creating one now actually and it feels exciting.

Although everyone who starts an online business is striving for that 'laptop lifestyle' due to the perceived 'easiness' of working from home, it is actually not as easy as it seems. You've got to have real discipline and routine when approaching your website and I will admit that staying consistent is still one of my biggest challenges.

It also feels as if the work is never done and can be hard to let go and spend some quality time with family and friends. This is crazy because the whole idea of living the laptop lifestyle is to get some time back- not to be less present to those around you. I am constantly assaulted by new inspiring ideas and I find it hard to relax sometimes because I just want to go and execute what I am thinking about.

It is also hard to avoid 'shiny new object syndrome' in that once your radar is set on having a successful online business, suddenly you see new tools and webinars and courses that you want to take because you think it will get you that little bit more ahead. But the truth is, if you keep taking course after course and looking at shiny new digital toy after shiny new digital toy it can be very distracting and you end up not actually doing much with the time that you have. So once again, balance is key.

There is also a certain anxiety that comes with fluctuating income where one month thousands of dollars come in, and the next maybe only $900 comes in. So, I will say, that if I did not already have assets behind me and a partner who works full time, I would not have so readily quit my day job. But I will also say that I am in a pretty obscure niche which has quite a select audience. Sometimes being in a competitive niche is better because there are more opportunities to make money. But my first niche is just the niche I had to get out of my system haha!

But, apart from all this, I still LOVE that I am in this online biz and I cannot imagine going back to another job or even starting a brick and mortar business ever again. I love the creative freedom of working from my laptop and there really is no looking back now.

I know I don't check into the community much, but just wanted to update anyone who was interested-especially those who are new the WA. I know when I started I was really wanting to read blog posts of those who were further ahead than me and see if they were having success and whether or not all the work I was putting in at the beginning was really worth it.

But I can tell you, the work really is worth it and I think the most important thing is just consistency and following the training that WA offers and trust that this is the best platform to learn from in terms of having a blog that google likes which means more $$ for you. :)


Starter vs Premium Package

As discussed, there are two different membership options at Wealthy Affiliate; the starter membership and the premium membership.

Their free package is definitely a good choice for those just getting started, but the premium package is designed for those ready to earn. Both packages have their appeal, but ultimately, choosing which one to go with is a business move.

Below is a complete overview of what both the premium and starter packages include:

Starter Membership (Free)

  • Live Help during your 1st 7 days
  • Ability to create up to 2 Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Courses
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • 30 Jaaxy Searches
  • Access to 2 Training Classrooms
  • Standard Affiliate Program
  • 1-on-1 Coaching during your 1st 7 days

Premium Membership ($49 per month)

  • Unlimited Live Help
  • Private Messaging Capability
  • Ability to create up to 50 Websites
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Courses
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • All 7 Phases of Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Live Video Classrooms
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Unlimited Jaaxy Searches
  • Access to 12 Training Classrooms
  • 2x Higher Payout with their Affiliate Program
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching
  • Private Access to Owners
  • 24/7 365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analytics

Premium Package

Choosing their premium package grants you access to unlimited live help, private messaging, 1-on-1 coaching, 24/7 support, and website analytics. You'll also be able to enter all of their classrooms and complete all of their extended training modules.

For the information alone the $49 monthly price tag is well worth it. With your access to additional classrooms and tools you'll be able to take your marketing game to the next level and accrue more business. You couldn't make a better investment for your business, and at a price that won't break the bank.

Premium Member Testimonials and Reviews

User: NadiaWP | Joined June 2009

I just want to say Thank You to the WA creators and community! To be honest, it has been a real life saver... After having worked for Ad agencies for a number of years, I realized that I was only making someone else richer, and myself poorer. By boss was enjoying his yacht adventures every weekend, and I was working my butt off for entry level pay. I was not prepared to spend the rest of my life this way. I joined WA and saw that the training made a lot of sense. I created a niche website following the training videos and virtual classrooms at WA. I worked on my niche site for about 4 months, fully trusting that it would work, even though I was not getting any traffic for what felt like ages. But having the support of the WA community helped, as they made me realize that this is a marathon, not a sprint. After about the 5 month mark, my visitor count took off and I was making daily sales. I have since created another niche site, fully knowing that it would work due to following WA's up-to-date training. When I was about 6 months into the creation of the website, everything was moving along as expected, although the sales were still pretty low. At this point, I happened to go to a WordPress meetup in my area, and spoke with an experienced web designer who had already tried affiliate marketing and failed. I told him that my goal within the next couple of months was to make $500/month as an Amazon affiliate. He smirked and told me this was a pretty "lofty" goal. I secretly knew that it would work because I had received the proper training. As expected, a couple of months later, I was making $500/month in passive income. Since then, my niche site has been growing and generating more income - enough that I will never work for anyone else again. Thanks for everything WA! And I will always be a member!


User: Ericcantu | Joined January 2017

What really won me over with Wealthy Affiliate was the opportunity to try out the platform free of charge. I had been looking for a training platform to learn about affiliate marketing and online business, but everywhere I looked the price tag was in hundreds and sometimes thousands. With Wealthy Affiliate, I could try out the platform first to see if I liked it, and as soon as I joined up, I realized this was the place for me. Each and every course lesson has a step by step video tutorial making this in-depth training easy to follow and just my speed. By day 2 I jumped in as a premium member for a fraction of what other platforms cost and I never looked back. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is a very welcoming and helpful one. Soon, I was interacting with and getting help from people just like myself. Everyone here has a common goal, and it makes this journey that much more enjoyable. As I've pushed forward with the training, it's like my eyes have been opened to a complete new world. I've learned how to build a website from scratch, how to create quality content for it that my target audience will find, how to generate consistent traffic to my posts, and how to turn that traffic into revenue through affiliate marketing. I had no experience with building websites or affiliate marketing when I started, and now not even one year later I'm extremely proud to be the owner of a successful professional website that is getting great traffic and bringing in over $1000/month. In fact, this month it's going to trigger $1500 to me in passive income and I couldn't be happier. With all the tools and training here at Wealthy Affiliate, the support, the mentorship, the live video classes, the course lineup, the live chat, the accessibility to incredible mentors, I can say with absolutely certainty that this is the best training and mentorship platform for building a successful business online, hands down.


User: Lazyblogger | Joined October 2013

In my 20 plus years working on the Internet, I have been involved with a number of online businesses that offers success online but was not able to deliver. Some of these companies had died while others went on to close their doors and open under a different name taking all the money you have invested without notifying you. I have just had it when I came to the conclusion that all online businesses are scams. I went on to search for a legitimate company online for years in order to walk away from my full-time job but was unable to find one up until now. I founded Wealthy Affiliate back in 2013, and I saw something that I have never seen before. They went on to teach me about Internet marketing for free, and how to identify those online scam businesses. My experience here is nothing but excellent, I have never been with a community of people who are so eager to help you succeed. The training is current and the support has surpassed all that I ever come across. The owners of the companies are so involved in the community, that it really wants you to press forward to reach your ultimate goals. I am now making money with this company and building a business that would be around years to come. The only regret that I have, is not laying my eyes on this company years before. I just want to say thank you, Kyle and Carson, for offering me and my family the opportunity to make a lifestyle better for us.


User: Magistudios | Joined March 2007

I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 10 years and it has been amazing to watch the tools, training and community grow year after year. In parallel, my own online business has grown as a direct result of Wealthy Affiliate. When I got started, I knew very little on how to effectively market products and services online as an affiliate. It was a very intimidating situation and lacked the personal confidence to learn how to get going with it. But with the personal guidance of Kyle, Carson and the WA Community I was able to surpass my own inhibitions of failing and build an online business that makes consistent sales to the point where I no longer needed to work at a job. Wealthy Affiliate is much more beyond internet marketing training and tools. It's about having successful people that help you along the way, guide you and pick you up when you've fallen. I know this extensively because they were right beside me every step of the way - guiding me to success. I am proud to say that the tables are now turned as I'm one of the members helping others succeed by guiding them along their journey to success. A personal thank you to Kyle, Carson for constantly making Wealthy Affiliate a better place year after year and a heartfelt appreciation for changing my life for the better.


User: VeronicasLuv | Joined September 2016

Oh, my...where do I begin...? Like many, I was searching; I knew I couldn't keep scraping by and call it a living. And with the realization that I was NOT a 9 to 5 person, finding a legitimate online business was the route I knew I needed to take. Interestingly enough, it was through reviewing an online real estate business that I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate! I like to use the term "newbie" because "ignorant' just seems too harsh, lol. I knew nothing of affiliate marketing...nothing! SEO...quality content...developing traffic... My response: What's that? But, regardless of my ignorant/newbie-like state, I felt right at home...and welcomed. It's hard to accurately describe the connection I felt with people from all over the world, with some connections turning into genuine friendships. Somehow, Kyle and Carson managed to successfully create an environment of "pay it forward", wherein members don't just seek help, they give it...and give it in abundance. At each and every bump, hiccup, a moment of doubt or uncertainty, there was a fellow WA member, extending a helping hand, often going beyond the norm, something that still astonishes me to this day. It's been a little over a year since I joined, and I can honestly say that I am more in love with this community, than I was when I started! Not only have I learned a tremendous amount about how to properly create and develop an online business, but I have also learned so much about myself and did things I never thought possible. Have I reached the financial success that I desire? No, not yet. But I have an unwavering faith that I am in the right business...with the right the right time...with the right mindset! Success has already happened!


User: SwanGirl | Joined January 2016

The benefits we get at WA that are included in membership are hard to quantify. I have come to realize lately I simply cannot imagine building my website without WA! I recently had to get help from Site Support. They fixed my problem in one minute! This kind of I.T. support is the best available and is included in the membership for no additional cost. Where else can you get instant support for free? Our websites are backed up daily and we don't have to worry about being locked out and not getting help. I rely on the amazing community here for encouragement, answers, ideas and valuable comments on my site. I have learned how to make my site profitable and take it in many directions. The training works and you can be successful in millions of different niches! Just pick what you are interested in and go! My favorite part of WA is that it gives me the ability to focus on a cause I truly care about and build a business around that. I have also learned a whole new skillset and have been asked to do search engine optimization for local brick and mortar businesses. No matter what direction you choose to take your business you will have skills to be successful if you implement the training here and engage in the platform. Your choices are limitless here and everything is included in the premium membership. From keyword lists and tools, endless training, platforms to get comments or help you write content, and those to engage with the community, you have endless resources all available 27/7. I have met people around the world. I love WA and believe it is the best resource available for learning to build a website and a business!


User: Marcus WFHW | Joined November 2006

10+ years later... Back in 2006, I stumbled on WA at a time when I was desperate to find a way to escape the constraints of the 9-5. I knew that people were making money online...I just didn't fully understand HOW they were doing it. After numerous failed attempts to come good, joining Wealthy Affiliate was to be my last attempt at making this 'online thing' work for me. Wealthy Affiliate was of course very different in 2006. It was in its infancy, yet what stood out for me was the fact that Kyle & Carson really cared about the success of their members. It was refreshingly different back then...and it's no different today. Over the last decade I have witnessed every incremental change to the Wealthy Affiliate community - and we are probably talking about hundreds if not thousands! All of which have been focused on simplifying the way that people build their online businesses, and achieve success online. Without that level of ongoing education, evolving technology and steadfast support provided by Kyle, Carson and the Wealthy Affiliate community, I would not be writing this today. Wealthy Affiliate transformed me. It turned this ordinary guy with no clear career path into someone who will ALWAYS be able to generate an income online. At Wealthy Affiliate you get ABSOLUTE clarity in every aspect within an otherwise foggy and often confusing 'online biz' industry. Thank you for everything, Wealthy Affiliate! Marcus WFHW (Proud WA member since November 2006).


User: MattThomas | Joined May 2014

I've been in the internet marketing space for over three years now, and I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank almost entirely for my success. After graduating from college, I knew I wanted to pursue some sort of business, but I was completely lost as to what that business would be. I never even thought online business was an option until I did some independent research and happened upon WA. From there, it became clear that I could pursue my passion and turn it into an income-generating venture. The entire concept that WA teaches just "clicked" for me immediately. 1) Choose an interest, 2) Build a website, 3) Get rankings and traffic, and ultimately 4) Earn revenue. Choosing an interest was simple. I personally chose my passion for stock trading. Building a website was shockingly simple as well, especially with the step-by-step tutorials WA has to offer. Getting rankings and traffic just came naturally as I continued publishing pages and posts on topics I enjoyed. And once I had a consistent flow of visitors, monetizing was the last step in turning my website into a bonafide business. Before joining WA, I thought about how many people are using the internet all over the world (over 3 billion), how many google searches are happening each day (over 4 billion), and how many YouTube videos are viewed each day (over 5 billion), and knowing that, I couldn't sign up for the free starter membership quick enough. If you think building your own website requires expert tech're wrong. The framework of your website can be built within just a couple minutes. And if you think there's no more opportunity left're definitely wrong. I'd even go as far as to say there's more opportunity than ever before. Overall, the potential online is absolutely incredible. There's nothing else like it. It's the largest "storefront" on earth and Wealthy Affiliate provided me with every tool necessary to capitalize on that. The formula for success is insanely simple. All it takes is some hard work and dedication from the individual pursuing it.


User: Pio | Joined October 2013

WA is really a "one-stop shop" for any online business builder or entrepreneur whether you are novice, newbie, or someone with advanced knowledge in online business building. You'll get everything needed to build a successful online business; the tools, the resources; the support, the visible and responsive owner and community members, the training, the domain registration, the website builder and hosting services, the keyword tools, the affiliate program, SiteContent, SiteSupport, SiteDomain, SiteComments features, the trainings on social media, Google analytics, Google alerts, how to make money and many more that can help you along the way in building your online business.. It's a very affordable program with no upsells (WA is the only program that has no upsells. Others all have upsells which are their downfalls). Language used in the training all across the WA site can be understood by any one regardless of level of computer knowledge or online marketing, with step by step instructions that are simple and easier for people to build what they have learned along. The useful information available on WA is mind blowing! Overall, what comes across in all of the WA site is the willingness of the owners to make all the WA members successful by constantly updating the trainings etc. and by constantly helping out through updated trainings and help available throughout. Same as most members of WA who always help through their comments and training/blogs etc. I feel like I am part of the whole WA family as I always get help whenever I need and ask. There is a real and strong sense of community within WA that no other similar program has, where everyone is encouraged to succeed in their business endeavors.


User: Beachwood | Joined January 2018

Wealthy Affiliate is a "breath of fresh air" so to speak, in a world of scams and slick marketing copy, Wealthy Affiliate is in a league all its own! I call it the "shiny object free zone" where I can pay one price for a Premium membership and get everything I will absolutely ever need to build a legitimate and scalable business online! There are tons of people from all walks of life at different stages in their online business journey that freely share their experience without hesitation! This in itself is a rarity these days and it is quite refreshing. I especially like the personal attention the owners Kyle & Carson give to everyone and anyone who needs it! Again, very refreshing! I knew after a day or two that Wealthy Affiliate was the place for me and that it was definitely the "real deal" and I upgraded to Premium without hesitation! An absolute NO BRAINER! I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone that is looking to build a real business online who wants everything they need in one place for one low price. The training is next level and on point! I have learned more in less than two weeks than I learned in years blindly fumbling, trying to build a business on my own. My recommendation? Go for it! You will not regret it.


User: Kaiker | Joined August 2016

I have been in WA since Dec 2016 but I have been procrastinating for several months before I actually really took action this year. There were tons of online courses, community, and platform out there which has caused much distraction. In the end, I had found my clarity and purpose and determined to focus on WA platform to build my business. Wealthy Affiliate is a place where same minded people gather together, sharing the same goals in helping each other to succeed. I have attended lots of paid courses that cost thousands of dollars just for 3 days course, most were more of fine tuning your mindset and teaching you the basic foundation. What attracts me to WA is how the learning course has been well sorted out, easy for beginners, as well as the whole integrated platform for people to be able to start an online business right away. Folks here are really helpful and willing to give professional advice, which is very valuable. Most important WA made it affordable to people who are unable to pay for a huge amount of cost to join the community. You won't see any kinds of upsell of additional marketing strategy, software or tools from Kyle, Carson or WA, which is very common for other courses. WA has inspired me a lot and it gives me clarity and understanding on the law of attraction. By continuously giving and helping people/community to be successful in their business, it creates a sense of fulfillment, a meaning in life, and purpose. For me, I will stay on WA for as long as WA is around.


User: EddySalomon | Joined June 2007

Prior to joining WA I tried a lot of different ways to make money at home; surveys, MLMs, work at home jobs, etc. I had some limited success, but none of it felt like a true game changer. I continued to be scammed and over charged for other training that offered a fraction of what WA provided. Needless to say I was jaded by the time I arrived here. But all that changed when I logged in and experienced the community, tools and training. It finally felt like I found the key to success and it wasn't based on a short term fad or a loophole. I felt like I found a new family that had the same goals as I did. They all wanted me to succeed and were actually willing to help me. It was a stark difference than being on forums where you were made to feel stupid for asking questions. It's been over a decade since joining WA and it has helped me achieve financial and personal freedom that a job could never provide me. At one point my wife and I were able to quit our jobs, buy our dream home and travel the world with our daughter as a result of the business WA helped me build. But it wasn't all sweet. At one point I fell for the shiny new object syndrome. So I strayed from what WA taught and suffered a massive lost in my business. I was ready to give up. But the owners Kyle & Carson would have none of that. They encouraged me to push forward and literally helped me do that. As a result, I have a thriving business again. My financial and personal freedoms have been regained. It's a testament to the WA community. Furthermore, it illustrates the commitment Kyle and Carson have to their members. Although I don't feel like a member anymore. At this point I view Kyle and Carson as friends that I respect from a personal and business standpoint. Over the decade I've seen WA evolve in some wonderful ways. It seems like they're never satisfied and continue to push the envelope to help members succeed. As long as you're willing to work hard, then WA can help you achieve your goals. I'm living proof of that. Here's to another decade of success for all of us! Eddy with a y


Countries NOT Permitted to sign up for the free trial

Countries not able to join Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Egypt
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Morocco

Supposedly from within Wealthy Affiliate, there has been an abundance of spam and fraud coming from these countries. In order to prevent that, these countries cannot join as free members nor can they have the discounted first month, but they can join directly as a premium member if they are serious about utilizing Wealthy Affiliate's services.

FAQs & Commonly Asked Questions

It is free to join. With the free membership, you’ll have access to the some of the trainings, tools, and services as well as 2 free websites that you can create. (The free membership allows you to see if it is something you want to invest your time and energy into. You can remain a free member as long as you want.) If you decide to go premium, there are monthly or yearly rates, as you prefer: $47 per month ($1.56 per day) or $359 per year ($0.98 per day).

Once you join WA, they’ll teach you how to build your own websites and the steps you need to take in order to start profiting off of them. It is not a get rich quick type of thing. It takes time and effort. Some members see their first payments within the first 3 months, while for others it could be longer. It depends on you and how serious you are.

Wealthy Affiliate is in no way, shape or form a scam. It has been in service since 2005 and has a community of over 100,000 people. If it was a scam, it would’ve been taken down by the FTC a long time ago.

That depends on you. I will say this… The more time you put into the training and the guides that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, the faster you will start to see success. You can make a website in less than 30 minutes, but it takes time to find the right content and also more time to research which products you want to promote on your website. I’d say that as a minimum you’d want to set aside at least 5-7 hours a week to work on your future. That’s an hour a day, some can do more and some can only do less. Up to you.

Of course! As I said earlier in the review, this program is for anyone and everyone… From complete beginners all the way to experienced marketers. All it takes is the will to succeed.

If you want to sign up as a Premium member then Click Here

You can cancel whenever you want. You are auto-billed monthly on the day that you first sign up to Premium, each month. You can cancel at any time. However, if you cancel, you have only 30 days to move your site to another host (if you buy your own domain) before they delete your site. Also, you cannot return back to the free version and keep all of your work. You will need to start over from scratch. Keep in mind, you will still be in the system as a free member just in case you decide to upgrade again in the future.

Kyle, the owner of Wealthy Affiliate has made a great post that compares the two, Click Here to see.

Yes, you can pay for an annual membership. It is $359.00 minus whatever you have already paid as a premium member during that year. You must be an active Premium member first, and once you’re in the Wealthy Affiliate back office, you’ll have the option to go yearly.

No. Wealthy Affiliate is a training community that helps people start their own online businesses from scratch. They offer an affiliate option for people that are interested in sharing WA with others but it is not necessary. There are thousands of members in Wealthy Affiliate that are making full time income from the websites that they made while being members of WA, and most have no intention to promote WA at all.

Pros vs Cons


  • No upsells
  • Free to start, No credit card required
  • Training is included
  • Website hosting with SSL provided
  • Access to a community of thousands of people
  • Ability to talk to the owners
  • Been around for almost 10 years now with a proven record of success
  • No obligation to sell WA to others
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Training is continuously updated
  • Live weekly classes
  • Premium Membership won't break the bank ($19 first month, $47 after that)


  • Can be overwhelming when you first join
  • It can be hard to find the time it needs to do the training and make your money making websites
  • No money back guarantee
  • Because there is so many members, there is also a lot of inexperienced people that answer questions of other members, and the answers they provide isn't always right
  • 30 days after you cancel your premium membership, all of your domains and blog post are deleted from the site

My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate

I have been a part of many online companies and organizations. But I have never felt that I was truly a part of something like this here at WA. Here, I feel connected with the other members within Wealthy Affiliate as if I've known them for a long time. The people here are great as well as the training that WA provides. Everybody tries to help everybody. If someone didn't exactly know how to do something, all they had to do was ask and then many of WA's members would be happy to help them. Since I've joined, I have learned a vast amount of online marketing experience and have made websites that've made me a great amount of money. Without the training that I got from Wealthy Affiliate, I don't think I would've been in the position that I am now. I've been a member since early 2015 and not planning on leaving anytime soon. I told myself that 2018 was going to be the biggest and greatest year I've ever had. And I made it my goal to share this wonderful opportunity with thousands of other entrepreneurs interested in starting their own online businesses. Thank you for reading my in depth Wealthy Affiliate review, and I wish you the best of success.